Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat is a fun filled game that offers a fast pace and a great chance to collect payouts. This game is commonly played by Asian players at land casinos and it is featured at most of the operating online casinos. To enjoy Baccarat in the most realistic way online, players should check for online casinos that feature a live dealer section. With live Baccarat, the action is enhanced and players can enjoy the same type of experience they would if they were to visit a local land casino or pub. Live dealer baccarat is a top choice for thousands of players worldwide and it offers a number of great benefits. In addition to being able to play in real time, players can also enjoy a social aspect as they interact with every player and dealer present at the table.

While live dealer baccarat follows the same rules as the online version and players are limited in regards to game involvement since there are just three betting options, the fact that the game is presented from a live casino setting is quite appealing for many. This makes the game feel very real and while it does not take the place of playing at a casino, it does provide a great way to enjoy the next best thing from home.

How to Play Live Baccarat

The thing that attracts players is the fact that live baccarat games are streamed from a land location and make use of professional dealers. These games are played in real time and provide a great way to interact, offering a social aspect to the game that is lacking with online versions. The game is easy to play and as long as players understand how to bet, they can enjoy the thrills of live baccarat. The excitement starts with placing a wager. Players will determine how much they wish to bet and will bet on the Banker, Player or Tie. After the wager is placed, the first two cards are dealt to determine whether a third card is required. The dealer will know this, so it is not necessary for players to know the third card rule to enjoy live baccarat.

Players who are involved in the game only have one job at the table and that is to place the initial bet. Once they bet on the Banker, Player or Tie, they have no more involvement in how the game is played out. The rules will dictate whether a third card is needed to complete a hand and the dealer will announce all winners. Players really just have to know what bets to place and which to avoid. Experienced players will always stay away from the Tie bet. While it can offer the highest payouts of the game, it is considered a sucker bet and has a huge house edge at about 14%. This bet is appealing to new players because of the high payout, but it is one that should rarely be placed if players are looking to win and extend their live baccarat playing session.

Game Variations

Some live dealer casinos will have two versions of live baccarat. The first is a standard game that is played with seven players. This game is what most are used to and it is easy to learn. The only problem with playing a live dealer game is if a table is full, players will have to wait for an open seat. With online casinos, the game is always available.  All players will be betting on the same results and will bet against the house. Players should not be concerned with how others at the table are betting as it will have no impact on the outcome or the payouts.

There is also a mini baccarat game that is often provided at live dealer casino sites. With this game, the other six players are not present. It will just be one player against the dealer. The game play is the same in both versions, though the interface is slightly different. Both game versions have a great payout percentage and a low house edge of around 1% when placing the Banker or Player bets.

Live Baccarat Tips

One of the best ways to win when playing live baccarat is to find a game that is using the fewest number of decks possible. Many live dealer baccarat sites will have games that use 6 or 8 decks of cards, but there are some other options. Some of the high stakes tables designed for high rollers will have a single deck version of the game that can be enjoyed. The odds are a bit lower with these games.

Keep in mind that the banker wager will win more often than a Player or Tie bet. It is always best o place a Banker wager, even though there is a 5% commission fee that is charged to winning bets. No matter what bets are being placed, players always need to keep track of their hand counts and how many game they have played. The most successful baccarat players will always be in control of their casino budget, setting limits on how many hands to play or when to walk away after enjoying a winning streak.

Live dealer baccarat is not a difficult game to play, but it is very fast. This game attracts the most experienced players, so one will want to be ready to face the constant action. The best way to prepared for this is to play standard online baccarat games. These can be enjoyed for free or for real money, but both are a bit slower and players will not feel any pressure from others that are at the table. Free games are the perfect way for any beginner to get started and after some practice, players will be ready to hit the live tables and start enjoying a gambling experience just as they would in a land casino. In a short amount of time, players can master the rules and betting options of the game and can start generating great payouts when they bet on the live games offered.