Live Dealer Blackjack

Blackjack is by far one of the most played games at any casino, so there is no surprise to learn that this game was one of the first to be offered in a live dealer version. When players choose a live blackjack game online, they will be playing a realistic selection that is presented in real time using real dealers. The games are brought to players through video streaming and the dealers are often located in Europe, Central America or the Far East. Many of the leading software developers will allow players to select a dealer, which can present different language choices so that everyone can enjoy the thrills of playing a live dealer blackjack game online.

When players make the selection of a live dealer blackjack game, they will be enjoying some of the best titles ever created. These games have been developed by some of the best providers in the industry, offering solid software, great reliability and access to amazing dealers that can offer the most rewarding and thrilling gambling experience anywhere online. Each casino that features live dealer blackjack will have a list of available games that are streamed. These can be a classic game with a 7 seat table or a game with 1 to many players. The one downfall to playing live blackjack is the seat availability. Since these games are presented live, there can only be a certain number of players at the table. This means that during peak times, players may have to wait for a seat to become available. This is the main downfall to live dealer blackjack games, however, many live dealer casinos will allow back betting, so players who are waiting for a seat can still be involved in the game even though they are not playing their own hands.

Live Blackjack Betting Options

The majority of live blackjack games that are featured online are played for real money, though there are a few sites that do offer free live dealer blackjack. For those that will be betting, it is important to pay attention to the options that are offered at each table. These can vary. Players should look at what the minimum and maximum bets are so they can choose a table that will fit into their casino budget. Most games that are offered will have a minimum bet of $5 per hand, though there are few sites that offer $1 games.

High rollers will love the option that is offered when playing live dealer blackjack. There are games that can support bets that are as high as $10,000 per hand! These games are obviously for those with great experience and a very large bankroll. No matter what amount players are betting on their live blackjack game, they will enjoy the chance to collect impressive payouts and the games have great return to player percentages.

Card Counting

One of the appealing things about playing live dealer blackjack is that the games are not controlled by a random number generator. The games that are found at online casinos will use an RNG to determine the cards that are dealt. With a live game, the game is completely random and the cards are dealt live from a real deck. Since there is no random number generator being used, players will have the ability to use strategies that cannot be used with online games. Card counting is one of them.

With live dealer blackjack, players will play games that have between 6 and 8 decks, though there are some amazing single deck games that can be found. Players who have played in land casinos in the past may have sharpened their card counting skills and will be eager to use these online. With live blackjack, players can use these strategies since the game is being played just as it would in a land casino. The ability to use card counting will be a huge benefit, especially to players who are serious about their game or are professional blackjack players.

When looking to use card counting skills, watch for games that do not shuffle the show randomly. The key to being able to use these strategies is to play games that use the shoe for the longest period of time before shuffling. With a bit of research and patience, players can find the best live dealer blackjack sites to enjoy games and make use of card counting to improve their chances of winning.

Advantages of Live Blackjack

Blackjack games that are offered at online casinos are always exciting, but when it comes to playing the best games, players often seek out casinos that feature live dealer blackjack. Live blackjack will make players feel like they are in a land casino. In addition to having a live and professional dealer, players will also hear background sounds that replicate a true casino experience. The cards are being shuffled, dice are rolling and slot bells are ringing. The overall atmosphere is completely different from a standard online blackjack game, which is one of the main reasons these live games have become so popular with experienced blackjack players.

The social angle of the game is another appealing aspect. With online blackjack games, players are limited to chat sessions with other players. When playing a live dealer game, players can interact with the dealer as well as the players, for a complete gambling experience. The great thing about being able to communicate with the dealer is that players can pick up some great game tips while enjoying the action.

Another great benefit is that players can learn from others. All of the moves in the game are displayed from the initial bet to the final card. Players can watch how others choose to play their hands and they can learn from this. They can also learn about various strategies that are being used by others, which may be very beneficial when playing for real