Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game that can be enjoyed at every land casino and the majority of online casinos that are operating. There are some great benefits to playing this game online. One is that many of the top providers of software n the gaming industry have created live dealer roulette, where players can enjoy the thrills of the game in real time and benefit from professional croupiers at every table. Live dealer roulette is a great way to enjoy the game when one cannot make it to their favourite land casino and it can offer some spectacular payouts when placing real money bets.

When playing online roulette, the game is controlled by a random number generator. The croupier or the players have nothing to do with the outcome of the game. The use of the RNG keeps the game fair and offers completely random results that duplicate the odds found with land casinos. With live dealer roulette, the random number generator is not being used. The live dealer will spin the wheel and will tend to all bets that are placed at the table. The game offers the same payout opportunities, with a 37:1 chance of winning a bet that is placed on a single number of European Roulette. Players often believe that live roulette is a better game because the results are not predetermined. Since the dealer spins the wheel instead of a computer, the game is much more realistic and players feel they have better chances of collecting payouts.

How Live Dealer Roulette Works

Anyone with a basic understanding of the roulette table and the bets can enjoy the action of live roulette at an online casino. The game is played just like the land and online versions, with the only difference being it is played live and in real time. With the live dealer game, the action is all caught on a web cam and is simulcast through the browser to the player. Live dealers will be handling all of the bets and calling out the winning numbers just like in a real casino setting.

With the technology that is being used, online casinos are able to stream live games in real time by using cameras in land casinos or casino studios. There is never a delay in the game and players will enjoy the social aspect that is missing from standard online roulette games. There is also a great atmosphere with live dealer games. Players will be able to hear background casino noises, like chips being stacked, cards being flipped and the rolling of dice. With the live dealer option, players can also zoom in to certain spots on the table so they can clearly see what bets have been placed or to watch the ball spinning. Live dealer games also allow for players to tip the croupier or dealer just as they would in a land casino setting.

Live Roulette Variations

Each live dealer casino will offer a selection of roulette games based on the software that is being used. The best live dealer roulette sites will have the three major versions of the game, European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. These games are played following the same rules as the online versions. European roulette remains the most popular version of the game as it offers the best chances to win. With this game, there are just 37 spots on the wheel and all betting options are available. Players will enjoy multiple betting limits as well, so there are table bets that will fit into a low, mid or high roller budget.

American Roulette can also be played in a live dealer version, though it is not as common. It can be found at leading sites, but players with experience will know that the odds are worse than with European Roulette. The American version has an added number, the 00 spot, which reduces the overall payouts and increases the house edge. When possible, always choose the European version when playing at any live dealer casino.

French Roulette is a great variation, though not many players have mastered the rules of the game. It is played like European Roulette but uses a different table layout. Also, all betting options are offered in French. With this game, there are two rules that differ from any other roulette game. These both offer payouts when a zero appears on a spin and players will be able to retain all or half of their bet amounts to use for the next round.

Live Roulette Tips

While roulette may be a game of chance, there are certain things that players can do to increase the possibility of collecting payouts. With live roulette, the spins can take a bit longer than the automated games at an online casino. With fewer games in play, high risk bets can take longer to yield a result. It is better for players to place outside bets on the table or bets that have higher odds, but not too high, like a dozens bet. Players need to realise that these games can take longer to play, so they need to bet wisely so they can extend their playing session by winning. Even though these bets will not provide the highest payouts, they will provide enough to keep playing for an extended period of time.

Over tipping can lead to financial disaster. The leading live dealer roulette sites use attractive female croupiers to entice male players. Some players will tip when they get a win and with the live dealers being so attractive it is common for many casual players to over tip. This can quickly deplete the bankroll, so have a budget in mind that includes a top amount and adhere to that at all times.

As mentioned, the spins with these games can take longer, so players who use betting strategies may find them ineffective. Do not aim to win every session that is played. The most important thing is to play wisely and within a budget, so betting strategies may not be overly useful when playing live roulette unless the player is anticipating a very long session at the site.